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Our Mission

To raise awareness about conditions of social and economic injustice along the Texas/Mexico border particularly as they affect women workers, and to support community-driven alternatives through transnational solidarity and fair trade. We believe that our environment, our communities and human dignity are sacred and must be respected in the movement for social justice.

Our Work:

We organize 3 delegations per year to Piedras Negras and Ciudad Acuña, MX enlisting Austinites to expand their horizons as well as their understanding of the effects of corporate
globalization. We are hosted by the Comité Fronterizo de Obreras (CFO), Border Committee of Working Women, during this three day affair.

We also organize the annual Women & Fair Trade Festival with vendors representing over 8 international and local women-led cooperatives. Our festival primarily benefits the cooperatives’ communities.

We prepare and participate in educational presentations in Austin and nationwide to develop a greater understanding around the causes of global economic disparity as it relates to trade.

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